PCCS offers novel treatment for severe COPD through the “RENEW” Lung Volume Reduction Coil (LVRC) Study

pneumrx-logoIn conjunction with St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, and study sponsor , PneumRx (Mountain View, CA), PCCS physicians Dr. Timothy A. Connolly (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Lisa Kopas and Dr. J. Fernando Santacruz (Co-Investigators) have recently been selected to participate in an FDA-approved multi-center clinical device trial to employ an endoscopic approach to lung volume reduction via the implantation of multiple memory shape metal nitinol coils.

The small coils implanted into diseased lung segments allow compression of impaired parenchyma and thereby restore elastic recoil.   By tethering airways open, air trapping and hyperinflation are also significantly reduced.  There has already been a wealth of experience utilizing this technology in multiple European studies with more than 2330 coils implanted thus far.  The results are very promising with statistically significant improvements in lung function tests (FEV1 and RV), quality of life scores (SGRQ), and functional improvement (6MWT distance) that are maintained up to one year post-procedure.  As expected, complications are substantially less than lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS), making this intervention more attractive and available to a broader range of patients.

The highest confidence responders in the European studies have been patients with a high residual volume (RV > 225% predicted) and a baseline 6MWT distance > 140 meters.  Prior to being considered for inclusion in the study, potential patients need to have completed a formal pulmonary rehabilitation program within the prior 6 months.  If a pulmonary rehab program was completed more than 6 months ago, maintenance rehab work (e.g. walking at home daily) must be demonstrated.

To make an appointment or refer a patient for lung volume reduction coil (LVRC) evaluation, please call our Houston office 713-255-4000 (Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00 CST).  For more information regarding this novel technology, please see www.pneumrx.com or Houston TV.