Our Office

Welcome to PCCS


Hours and Emergencies:

Our office hours are M-F 8:30a-5:00p.  The staff goes to lunch from 12:30p-1:00p.  There is always a physician on call for emergencies, after routine hours and on weekends and holidays.  The physician on call may not be your pulmonologist, but will be one of the pulmonologists from our group and can be reached at 713-255-4000.  We request after hours calls be limited to emergencies only.  Prescription refills and questions about care plans should be made during regular business hours.  Narcotics will not be refilled after hours.

Appointment cancellations:

We request a 48-hour cancellation notification.  For appointments cancelled with less than a 24-hour notification, or for patients who fail to notify the office of cancelling their appointment, there will be a fee charged to the patient which is not covered by insurance.


We request 48- hour notice for your prescription refill.  Please phone your pharmacy several days in advance for your prescription refill. It is not necessary for you to phone our office to advise us as the staff is in clinic.

Address and Insurance changes:

For changes to your account, such as insurance or personal information please make those changes under the Patient Registration Forms section of this web site.  You will need your account when making those changes. That can be obtained from a recent statement or by calling our office. When it asks you for an appointment date you may use the current days date. You may also fax this information to our business office 713-255-4005.


It is very important to be on time for your appointment.  If you are late we may request you reschedule as you may be running into another patient’s appointment time or the physician may not be available.  We recommend you plan on getting to the office at least fifteen minutes early to avoid this problem. If you have an emergency causing you to run late please call our office ahead of time as the appointment may need to be rescheduled.

If you are sick we ask you call in the morning so we can better determine if you need to be seen or sent to an Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.

If you are a new patient please make sure to bring your records, a current list of your medications and a copy of your x-rays either on a CD or plain films.

All patients are asked to bring an updated and current list of medications to each appointment.


If your physician ordered outside testing the staff will contact you once your results have been received and reviewed by the physician. Please allow at least seven days for the staff or physician to call with results.

Sleep Study results may take up to fourteen days. Please do not call the office prior to that time unless instructed.


Our primary hospitals are St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, The Methodist Hospital and Kindred Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. If need arises for emergency room treatment please ask to be taken to The Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.   It is important for patients to know we have a team approach so it may be that while in the hospital patients will see several of the PCCS pulmonologists. If you have a minor emergency please go to one of the The Houston Methodist Emergency Care Centers with multiple locations throughout the city. The urgent care physician will see and assess your condition.  If you need to be admitted they will transfer you to St. Luke’s and notify our office.