Smoking Cessation


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  1. Write down the reasons you want to quit
  2. Discuss the different smoking cessation medications with your PCCS physician
  3. Pick a quit date a few weeks in the future, write it on your calendar
  4. Tell your friends and coworkers.  Not only do you need the support, you also need the accountability.
  5. Clean out areas that you normally smoke in and start smoking only outside
  6. Try to anticipate potential stressors ahead of time and come up with a plan to deal with them which does not include cigarettes
  7. Start to decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke per day but stick to your planned quit date even if you haven’t cut down much
  8. On the day you quit, get rid of all cigarettes and smoking related items; keep sugar free candy or gum or light snack (such as nuts) handy to keep away cravings
  9. Join a support group either in person or online ( and ask for help when you think you want to give up
  10. Reward yourself with a special treat each week you remain smoke free.  One way to do this is taking the money you would have spent on cigarettes and use it to reward yourself
  11. Avoid activities associated with smoking and friends who smoke
  12. Remember don’t give up, it will get easier and easier

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