Flexhaler ( i.e. Pulmicort) Metered Dose Inhaler

Instructions for using the Flexhaler ( i.e. Pulmicort) type of Metered Dose Inhaler:

  1. Twist the cover and lift off.
  2. In order to load correct dose, hold inhaler upright .
  3. Twist the brown grip fully back again in the other direction as far as it will go ( it does not matter which way you turn first).
  4. You will hear a click during one of the twisting maneuvers.
  5. The Flexhaler will only deliver one dose only at a time no matter how often you click the brown grip.
  7. Turn your head away from the inhaler  and breath out
  8. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth, close your lips around mouthpiece and inhale deeply and forcefully into your lungs.
  9. You may not sense medication entering your lungs but medication will be delivered, do not repeat  medication dose , Do not chew or bite into the mouthpiece.
  10. Remove the inhaler from mouth  and exhale slowly.
  11. When finished cover  Flexhaler and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

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