Aerolizer (i.e. Foradil) Metered Dose Inhaler

Instructions for using the Aerolizer (i.e. Foradil) type of Metered Dose Inhaler:

  1. Open the foil pouch containing a blister card of Foradil capsules , do not remove Foradil capsule until ready to use.
  2. Pull off Aerolizer cover
  3. Hold the base of Aerolizer firmly and twist the mouthpiece in the direction of the arrow. Push the bottons in on each side to make sure you see 4 pins , these pins will make holes in to the capsule in order for powder to escape
  4. Separate one foil FORADIL Capsule blister by tearing at pre cut lines, peel the paper backing that covers the capsule.
  5. Place capsule in Aerolizer chamber, do not place capsule directly into mouthpiece .
  6. Twist the mouthpiece back into close position.
  7. Hold mouthpiece of Aerolizer upright and press side bottom at the same time ONLY PRESS ONCE.
  8. After puncturing capsule you are ready to use Aerolizer.
  9. Breathe out fully and do not exhale into Aerolizer.
  10. Tilt your head back SLIGHTLY, place Aerolizer in mouth, close your lips around mouthpiece.
  11. Breathe in quickly and deeply. This will cause Foradil capsule to spin in chamber. This will deliver dose into your lungs.
  12. Remove Aerolizer from your mouth and hold your breath for 10 seconds then exhale slowly.
  13. Open Aerolizer to see if any powder still in capsule , if any power remains the repeat steps above.
  14. After using Aerolizer discard the empty capsule, DO NOT leave capsule in the chamber
  15. Close mouthpiece and replace cover.

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